• Hi, I'm Gizzy. Ask me a Question?

    • Tracey

      Q. Gizzy why do cats not eat dog food but dogs eat cat food??? 

    • Gizzyi

      A. Do you really need to ask...there dogs that's why they eat anything us cats still have dignity

    • Dj C. Milli

      Q. Gizzy how can I get gifts in The TommyPnda Morning Show? 

    • Gizzy

      A. I'm still waiting on my gift when I get mine maybe you'll get yours

    • Dawn

      Q. Gizzy how do you stay in shape?

    • Gizzy

      A. Easy I watch what I eat [very closely]

    • Lawanda

      Q. Gizzy what size neck are you? I'd like to put you in some accessories.

    • Gizzy

      A. My neck is about 3 or 3.5 inches.. please make sure the accessories are not  Girly!!! I am Gizzy not Girly...Thank you

    • Brandon

      Q. Gizzy where did you get the bow tie?

    • Gizzy

      A. You'll have to ask Tommy Page

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