• Hi, I'm Gizzy. Ask me a Question?

    • Tracey

      Q. What’s the best way to stay cool in this heatwave? 

    • Gizzyi

      A. I am a indoor cat for a reason. So I don’t deal with heat waves...

    • LaWanda

      Q. What type of activities would you like to see happen in the Star City?  

    • Gizzy

      A. I am a Star and this is my city. So as long as I’m active I could care less..

    • Boo

      Q. Why is Tommy Page not with the train coming back to Roanoke?

    • Gizzy

      A. If Tommy's not with it then Gizzys not either!!! I’m a Tom Cat, next!

    • Ericka

      Q. When is the rain coming?

    • Gizzy

      A. I’m not a Weather Cat I’m Gizzy Cat

    • Joe

      Q. Gizzy have you ever thought about modeling?

    • Gizzy

      A. I am a model. A role model that is!!!

    • Jessie

      Q. Gizzy my husband wants to know if all women how much do women have to pack when going away for one night?

    • Gizzy

      A. Jessie tell your husband how much a woman packs for one night is not my concern. Gizzy doesn’t do packing!!!

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