• Lillian Loretta Otey: Celebrating a Matriarch

    It all started on August 22,1937. We were blessed with our matriarch Lillian Loretta Croan. Although her mother who is my great grandmother is still living and is the true matriarch in my family. My Grandmom Lo, as we call her, is also a matriarch in her own right.

    Grandmom Lo is not only the mother of 7 children, she is also a grandmother of 25 and a great mother of several more. Grandmom Lo has been so much more then a grandmother. She has been a wife, a nurse, and a true woman of God. A woman of God is a woman who has been saved by Jesus Christ and who submits to the work of the Holy Spirit in her. That is exactly what she has done all my life. My grandmother has saved many of us through her prayers. Her faith is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. She has this incredible strength from God to be a powerful leader of our family and even though she has been diagnosed with dementia a leader is what she will always be. On Saturday August 27, 2017 we celebrated my grandmother’s 80th birthday by giving her a birthday party. Believe it or not grandmother told me she never had a birthday party before. Not to worry, we made up for it.

    The party was a huge success. Her kids were there, her grandkids her sisters, cousins and friends. She not only pulled everyone on the floor to dance, she sang her own birthday song. Of course she danced to all the songs, but most importantly to her was DJ CMilli played all of her favorite Barry White songs.While doing all of this she even wore a tiara. Since she never had a party or went to a club we had to show her what partying was all about by making sure she was n VIP all the way. The VIP room was made up with red curtains and red leather seating. She had balloons , beautiful white roses and to top it off a Chanel Birthday cake. This birthday party was truly the best one I’ve ever been to. Thanks to everyone who made it a true success . A special thank you to Kay, owner of VIPz Sports Bar And Lounge Bistro, DJ C Milli and of course my cousin Ayana for such a Fabulous birthday cake.

    Only the best for a true matriarch.


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