• Fleet DJ 2017 Conference Rap-Up

    Fleet DJ’s Music Conference Raleigh, N.C. Thurs July 20th – Sat July 22nd 2017

    Good day good people! I attended the 6th Annual Fleet DJ’s Music Conference in Raleigh, N.C. this year. There were several panels such as the All Star Fleet Radio Panel, which gave insight on how to get radio play and the Fleet DJ’s Power Panel focusing on music education, blog placement and marketing. The keynote speaker this year was Hiphop music producer/artist Duane Darock. From the Artist Listening Session and Award Ceremony to the Fleet DJ’s All Star Concert and after party where Fleet Artists took the stage. The DJ’s gave back to the Haven House during the Fleet DJ’s community event and we listened to up and coming artists at the Fleet DJ Sound Stage - Artist Performance Showcase. My favorite was the Fleet DJ’s Café/Producer Session where DJ’s showed their skills on the 1’s and 2’s. Shout out to our very own DJ FM Frequency of the MidDay Music Mix and DJ Joe Storm who were amongst the DJs to dazzle us with their techniques. I was able to chat with FM and get his take on the conference. Here’s a little bit of that conversation enjoy! Motha: So the Fleet DJ’s Music Conference was this past weekend, how did you feel overall about the conference? FM: It was a beautiful thing because we were able to get together and had a chance to see the rest of the fleet family, fleet international worldwide. We are pretty much in every state. Motha: So I have to give it up to the DMV Fleet DJ’s. You guys took home the award for “Best State of 2017”. FM: It’s a good thing; we put in work last year from toy drives and other events that we held. Then to be recognized throughout the entire organization, it’s a beautiful thing. Motha: It is a beautiful thing, I love it. So there were a lot of aspiring DJ’s trying to get into the business at the conference. What would be that jewel you would leave with them? FM: It would be a couple of things. One, I would say find out if this is really what you want to do. You have to have a passion for this; it’s not a fad. It’s not just something that you do, it’s a lifestyle. Then look at what type of equipment you want to use. Last find your lane and you stay within it. It’s good to look at what other people are doing, but at the same time you want to be able to branch out and put your own stamp on it. It’s good to take things that other people do and add onto that. Don’t just take away from the craft without adding something to it. Learn the music, understand the history and understand the culture. If you don’t know where it came from your not going to know where it’s going. Motha: I can definitely understand. What others have done by opening up doors for you to be able to actually do what it is you do. FM: Right. Motha: Talk to me about your take away from the conference this week? FM: Well I think it’s great that we got an opportunity to vibe with other DJs from around the country. Everybody had a different vibe based upon the area they where from. We had the opportunity to fellowship and press palms with people that you see within the different chat rooms. You got a chance to see exactly what they do and how they do it. How each coalition gets down. It’s was something that we need on a regular basis, fellowship. Motha: There were several Artists that performed this weekend from signed to those trying to break into the music industry. Was there any particular artist that stood out to you and how did you feel about the artists showcase. FM: All of the artist did great. Jacques stood out a little bit because he had a lot of energy and you could tell he believed in what he was doing. He put on a dope performance. They all put on a good performance. There was no hate; everybody did a good job based upon what they do. It was just one of those things where he stood out more because he had a lot of energy with his performance. Motha : I saw a lot of promotion around for him. FM: He’s actually a Fleet artist. Motha: That’s awesome, it’s great to see the marketing and promotion that went in for him. The Fleet DJ’s expanding globally, have a coalition where DJ’s can come together. What does that mean to you? FM: It’s a beautiful thing, it means the craft itself, the art form is not dead it’s still growing. It still has life. It’s a craft that you continually learn. Regardless of what you’re doing you can always learn something new. You don’t know everything, you’re not going to know everything. Motha: Do you feel like people take the DJ as serious as serious as they should? We talk about this all the time as far as the money aspect of it. But how do you feel about how the general public views DJ’s and how is an organization like the Fleet DJ’s making an impact on that. FM: Well I think that people really don’t understand. They think that you’re just playing music. They think that you’re just spinning records. There is a tremendous amount of preparation that goes into DJing. It’s a profession just like anything else you would do. If you respect your doctor, dentist, lawyer and the person at the cleaners that you give you clothes to the DJ is no different. We have to prepare before sets, break down and bring equipment to the event. We may have to hire people to help us with setting up. We have to make sure that it sounds proper then we have to perform for your event. After we perform when you have already left and are on your way home we are still breaking down. A lot of times when people are at home we are still trying to get our situation together. So it’s definitely a unique craft that needs to be looked at as any other profession. It just needs to be respected more than just playing records. Motha: I feel like the Fleet DJ’s and these types of conferences bring a business presence on another level for the DJ. It helps to promote DJing as an art form, a skilled craft, a profession, and a viable business. It is definitely a great opportunity for you all to network and support each other. FM: We are one of the largest if not the largest DJ organization. Motha: So if you are a DJ you may want to check out the conference next year. Bring lots of business cards and get your network on. Motha


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