• Mz Malatto: Malatto's Moment

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    I’m sure when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave this speech on August 28th 1969, he meant his children, his children’s children and so on. Here it is 2017 and we are giving the same speech just in different words. “Black Lives Matter” The fact that we have to actually continue to reinforce this statement is what bothers me. Shouldn’t this be automatic by now? Why do we have to continually prove that our lives are just as important as white people? There is no “White Lives Matter” protest. Why? Because some how, some way to the world this is a given. then I read and watch the news when people have the audacity to say we, always try to make it a race issue. Sorry folks that’s pretty much the issue to start with. When I can sit back and watch on the news, Sterling Alton get gunned down by police, I can see a Facebook live with Diamond Reynolds fighting to stay calm while her boyfriend has been shot to death. Then her 4 year old daughter begs her mom not to try to get out of the hand cuffs because some how her intuition has let her know her momma is safer in “chains” Not to mention Michael Browns lifeless body laying in the middle of the street, while cops stand around “securing” the perimeter. I could go on forever but you get the point. What do all these and many more have in common? None of the charged have been convicted. So YOU have made it about race. Yeah YOU the one who feels scared every time YOU come across a black man, YOU the one who feels because your skin is pale YOU are inferior to a person of color, YOU the one who has a badge and thinks protect and serve means protect your own and serve a bullet to those who are different. And especially YOU the ones who sit in these positions of power and protect the YOU’s of the world who have gotten away with these senseless acts of violence, setting an example to the YOU’s who will come behind them and be taught if there is any pigment what so ever in your skin tone your life does not matter, and it’s ok to eliminate by any means, with no consequences. My question is, what will happen when we get tired?According to Wikipedia there are about 223,553,265 white Americans vs 38,929,319 black Americans in the United States. Do you not see anything wrong with these numbers? I’m going to leave you with something positive, although our overall population is diminishing compared to white America. Just over half of the babies in the United States are of ethnic and minority backgrounds. We have a chance to teach our babies their rights, to become people in leadership, to make change in the world. It’s not over, we will not continue to be eliminated because someone feels our existence is intimidating. Stop killing each other, show them we value our own lives. To them Black Lives Matter is a slogan with no power behind it. We grow up learning always take care of home first. Let’s take care of us, take care of home. Realize there is power in numbers. Although our numbers are low compared to White America,our growing number is on the rise! Groom and make great these young Kings and Queens who are coming up. Never lose focus~ MzMalatto


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