• Much Needed Hope

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Hope Cupit, President and CEO of Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project(SERCAP). SERCAP serves a 7 state region in Delaware , Maryland , Virginia , North Carolina , South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This wonderful organization’s mission is to improve the quality of life for low income individuals. By promoting affordable water and waste water facilities , community development ,environmental health and economic self-sufficiency. I was very impressed with all the wonderful things that SERCAP has to offer. They offer a wide range of loans and grants for various water issues. It amazed me that the loans have interest rates that range from 1 to 4% because it is typically unheard of. So if you have issues with or need a new well you can get a loan with a interest rate of only 1%. If you have septic issues you can get a loan up to $9,000 with a 2 to 4% interest rate. Need home improvements that have to do with upgrading the bathroom or kitchen you can get a loan up to $15,000 a interest rate of only 2 to 4%. They do have grants as well for pipes that burst , a new water heater or anything that deals with water , grants are only available in Va. When Hope explained all this to me I definitely felt like I had to get this out there. Being
    a home owner myself I know that there are many issues that you have to face when it comes to home ownership . It’s hard enough to keep up with mortgage payments much less any issues that occur with the home itself especially water issues. That’s why I wanted to hear more about SERCAP so that I could share the knowledge of what exactly the Agency does.

    I truly appreciate Hope Cupit for taking the time to educate me about SERCAP and all the amazing things that they do for people with water and waste water issues. Hope is truly a superior leader and a great asset for SERCAP.

    For more information on SERCAP , Please contact Ellen Smith at 540-345-1184 or visit www.Sercap.orgBusiness Spotlight

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