Without you there can be no business. So we are going to talk about you and me as if we are business entities.

    Are you focused? Have you set goals for yourself or are you just running around going nowhere. Are you seeing progress? If not stop, get pen and paper and write down your goals and how you intend to achieve them. Be serious! If you need to take a course to obtain a skill, stop putting it off. You are going to get older no matter what you are doing. Time waits for no one!

    Are you healthy? If you are, GREAT!!!! If not, it is time to take control of your health. Never accept a death sentence, it ain’t over till it is over. Do not surround yourself with those how are quick to get rid of you. Simple changes in diet and weight loss can make a huge difference in one’s health. You cannot expect to get better if you continue doing the same old stuff that is what got you sick in the first place. If your doctor is not concerned with your diet, then it is time to find a new doctor. Stop smoking, save your life and that of your children. Let me rant for a moment……No parent should be OK with their child smoking. Nor should any parent be OK with their underage child drinking. There is nothing cool about being a friend to your child when what they need is a parent. You are the example that they will follow for regards to health. Don’t just talk game, be the living example. I’m done. Thank you for reading.

    This article has nothing to do with UCC codes or policies. This article is talking about taking responsibility for you.. You the Business

    What are you feeding your mind? Too often it is the very things that we are doing for so called entertainment that is actually hindering our growth as an individual (Business). If you are spending hours chasing imaginary creatures on your phone. Shame on you! If you are spending hours gossiping on the phone. Shame on you! If you are spending hours listening to music that degrades your people. Shame on you! If you are spending hours on social media and have nothing to show for it (meaning were you on the computer promoting your business event etc.) Shame on you! If you are constantly putting garbage into your head, you cannot expect anything else to come out

    Take a break! We must accept the fact and truly comprehend that there are beings out here that are doing their best and spending billions if not trillions of dollars to keep you and your progeny DUMB.

    Think of all the things you ever wanted to learn and utilize the computer for something positive. For those of you that have children make this a family adventure. You will actually be showing your children that learning is a lifelong quest. Use the dictionary and learn new words, build your vocabulary. You will be surprised with how words are used to manipulate people.

    How do you spend your money? If at the end of the month, you have nothing to show how you spent your money, you need to sit down and make a list of everything you spent your money on. EVERYTHING. Rent, utilities, food in most cases these are considered necessities, but you may be wasting money on food by throwing a lot of it away. Buy what you need. Gas-do you need a car to get to work? Can you carpool or take the bus or perhaps you can just downsize your car. Buying clothes, going to the movies, eating out-if you are doing this every week you definitely need to rethink how you spend your money..

    FAMILY TIME? This is where it gets a little touchy. Make time for your family, find the time. If you can’t be there, make sure you call. No excuses. I will say this again. TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE! Sitting at home is not family time. Family time is interaction. Helping with homework, baking cookies, landscaping the yard together, taking walks. Together means family time. Not I tell you what to do and then leave you alone. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Family time is making lifelong memories. Family time does not have to be about spending lots of money on trips (even though that is nice) it is about getting to really know each other. Encouraging each other. So make the time.

    • So now that you have a clearer comprehension of your business, how will you sign your letter or your life contract?
    • President, CEO meaning you took charge of your life. Or will you just sign it:
    • Yes I lived…nothing ventured, nothing gained-he/she was decent. If this is the path you choose, I will give you a quote from Mr. T “I PITY THE FOOL!”

    Whatever you do or don’t do with your life, remember it is your business. As the elders used to tell us “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”.

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