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    The Rowdy Rebelz-

    The You Matter Movement

    Even though he was born in Savannah, GA, his family moved to Germany for 4 years. When they returned to the U.S. they settled in Roanoke, VA where he has lived ever since. While attending Salem High School, Dante was recruited to play football at Liberty University, where he played for 2 ½ years. He then went on to ITT Tech and earned a degree in Networking & Administration.

    Rowdy Rebelz was only an idea in 2015, this unique clothing line launched in 2016 creating a brand that exposes and encourages individuals to be leaders while having fun. A platform to help young people find a way to focus so that they can be the best at whatever they chose to be in life. Mr. Harvey explained that the brand caught on a lot faster than he expected and that he would like to see Rowdy Rebels at the top, expanding nationwide and excel in creating leaders that would be examples for others to see, emulate. He feels that leaders will create other leaders.

    We value leadership, empowerment, and customer service. Our slogan, "Stay Rowdy" captures the message that we encourage: Having fun while being the best. We believe in order to become a successful leader; you have to wake up and stand up against the opposition and look at things from a different perspective. We put a lot of time and care in our designs valuing your experience in looking and feeling good in the journey of becoming a leader.. Rowdy Rebelz Mission

    The Founders: Meet Brandon Evans

    Born and raised in Roanoke, VA, went to Roanoke Catholic. Went on to Longwood University in Carson Newman College on basketball scholarship. Graduated with a degree in Business Marketing from Carson Newman in 2011, then returned home to Roanoke where they started The Younivercity.

    What is The YOUNIVERCITY?

    “It is a Social Institution whose focus is to put our members at the helm of who they want to be. Our programs are designed to elevate our members from their present state to where they want to be, both personally and professionally.”

    • Brandon explains that The You Matter Movement started when everyone was running around talking that this life matters and that life mattered. It was time to say that you as an individual matter. It was time to be about being a part of the solution not a part of the problem. It is about the individual’s contribution to themself and their community and society as a whole that matters not just settling for what is thrown at you or what the media depicts of us.
    • It is a day to day event, it’s about making a positive contribution to yourself, your community and to society.

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