• Lawanda Menefee: Bry and B Fashions

    Greetings All!! As you all know I’ve been running around town since I got back from Jersey almost 2 years now... Of course as I’m running around I’m always looking for people, places and things that catch my attention. One of the people that caught my attention was business owner, Lawanda Menefee. Not only is Lawanda a full time wife and mother she’s also a BOSS.

    Bry and B Fashions... Full time Owner of BryandB Fashions...Lawanda, is all that a more with her family behind her and her great dedication and great spirit the sky’s the limit for her. With that said it’s time I introduce Roanoke to the Best Full Figured online Fashion store here...Bry and B Fashions Lawanda,
    I’m sure everyone asks you this but how did you come up with the name Bry and B Fashions for your store?
    I came up with the name Bry and B Fashions because my two daughters their names are Bryanna and Beyonce.
    They’re the inspiration behind the business being that they’re plus size young ladies. Would you call your business a family business?
    Yes Bry and B Fashions is a family business. That consists of my husband Steve and our daughters. Everyone has a role in the business.
    Do your daughters help you pick out the inventory?
    Bryanna and Beyonce helps me pick out the inventory. They keep me updated on the latest trends.
    How do you juggle being a full time wife, mother and business owner?
    Erica, this is a very good question. Honestly, It is very challenging. But I am learning to have better time management skills. Being humble enough to ask for help and assigning tasks to others when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Finding creative ways to spend time with my daughter’s outside of work. And my husband plans date nights for us with no cell phones or discussions about business just spending quality time with each other.
    Your store consists of plus size Fashions what a sizes does that range from?
    Our Sizes Range from 14 to size 24 What differs you from other plus size fashion stores? By offering personalized services. I offer custom ordering. Being a plus size woman with plus size daughters I understand the challenges of shopping for clothing. So, I want each customer to have a personalized shopping experience. I’m readily available to assist them. What type of accessories do you sell? I sell what is considered as faux statement pieces of jewelry . Necklaces,earrings,and bracelets. And unique hats, and purses.
    I hear some plus size women complain on how they don’t know how to find fashion to compliment them? Do you offer a personal consultation to help them with any fashion issues?
    I do offer personal consultations. Everyone of my customers are unique in her own way and I understand that some ladies need help finding her style. I want her to walk away feeling great about herself and purchase.
    I know your an online store can you let people know what the benefits are at shopping at your online plus size store versus a mall plus size store?
    Convenience, you can shop from home and not worry about parking or fighting the crowds. My prices are more affordable since I don’t have the added expense of being in a mall.
    You also do pop up shops tell us about those and how to contact you if interested in having one? Lastly you offer delivery service can you tell us about that and if there’s a fee?
    We offer delivery within a 20 mile radius of Roanoke for a $5.00 fee .Outside of that radius we offer shipping options. For the Pop Up Shop we will come to your business, events, church,or home. And set up a mobile boutique which includes a table setup with jewelry and accessories and selected clothing items. We love to do Pop Up Shops! Please contact us at info@bryandbfashions.com Or you can call 540-632-7433 We have a new website coming and if you want to add the information about our plans for a future appointment space at your building.
    Go get your consultation and best look now!!


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