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    Picking out the ideal sunglasses for your face shape isn’t as easy as you might think. When it comes to buying sunglasses, determining your face size and shape is important because it will help you find a better fitting, more functional pair of sunglasses. So how do you know which shades are right for you? First, you’ll need to figure out whether your face is round, oval, heart, or square. I suggest asking a friend. Once you’ve found your face shape, then you can begin picking sunglasses that will complement your features.

    There are 4 basic face shapes:
    Oval Faces: are narrower than they are long, with a rounded jawline.
    Both round and oval faces naturally narrow at the top and bottom, so large, oversized frames actually have the effect of making your face look leaner, because they sit right over the widest point. Also Retro Square and Aviators are great fits for oval faces.
    Square Faces: are roughly as wide as they are long, with a strong, square jawline. Face has a strong jaw, wide cheekbones. To soften these features choose soft rimless edge frame. Round shaped, Aviator and shields will do the job.
    Heart-Shaped Faces: The jawline is the narrowest point of face. Any frame as long as they are wide will be flattering to face if they are wide framed. Perfect fit for a round face includes, Retro Square, Cat Eye and Sport frame shades.
    Round Faces: are roughly as widest across cheekbones and more narrow along jawline and forehead. Since they are long, with a rounded jawline Retro Square, Cat Eye Over Sized and Square frames will offset roundness to face.
    Hopefully with these Tips you can find the perfect match for your face. So stay Stylish with your shades this summer.

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