• Roanoke's Wedding Crawl

    The wedding season is upon us: After Valentine’s Day comes warm weather; with warmer weather comes wedding bells for many happy couples.
    On April 2,2017 myself and a friend (Finis) had the pleasure of experiencing “The Wedding Crawl”. We were curious to know what was being offered in Roanoke and the surrounding areas, and when we left we weren’t disappointed.
    It all took place at the City Market Square building in Downtown Roanoke. After we arrived at the Market Square Building we visited a handful of vendors that educated couples as well as the guest of their services for a spectacular day on any budget. Once registered and we chose our package, the event offered shuttle service via charter bus or horse and carriage to several areas in Roanoke City. The Corinthian Ballroom, Taubman Museum of Art, Patrick Henry Hotel Ballroom, Center In The Square, and Charter Hall. The Vinton War Memorial was represented but not offered to tour. As we ventured on with the crawl, I realized how serious planning a wedding could be. With the photographers, florist, caters, hairstylist, makeup artist, dress designers, wine tasting and event planners, I discovered you can’t really crawl while planning your special day.
    I have to say the theme of Harry Potter in Charter Hall was absolutely beautiful. It started with the theme music playing in the elevator. The room itself could easily welcome 300 guest comfortably; the magical hanging lighting, mirrors, table scape and seating all resembling Harry Potter’s Dinning area. I learned that a themed venue with lighting, decor and catering services could range from $2,500- $5,000 easily; therefore keep your budget in mind while making choices of your special day.

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